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Chowk Bazaar Tangi Barazai, Tehsil Tangi District Charsadda


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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are most frequently asked by students and their parents. 

What qualification is needed for DIT Program?

The minimum qualification required for the DIT program is S.S.C. Arts and Science students both can enroll in this program.

Who is Freelancing Course for?

The freelancing course is for everyone. We also have courses in which no or little computer literacy is required such as content writing and Search Engine Optimization.

Can I attend online interactive classes?

Yes, if you cannot attend the college physically. You can also attend online interactive classes. You need a computer and laptop and a live internet connection for that.

Do you have a separate college for female?

No, at the movement we have no separate college for females. But we have a separate section for our female students. We intend to open a separate college for female and you will be notified via social media page or any other reachable source.

How much classes should I attend in DIT Program?

You need to attend regular classes in order to complete your DIT program in the way it requires to be. However, you are required to attend a minimum of 80 percent classes in order to be eligible for exam.